A Kinetic Chain Specialist’s Guide To The Thymus

  The Thymus is a gland that sits in the upper chest between the lungs and behind the manubrium of the sternum. A major part of the lymphatic and immune systems, the Thymus is responsible for the creation of T-Cells, specialist lymphocytes which act like a kind of ‘special forces’ element of the immune system […]

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Programming Principles For Kinetic Chain Specialists (And ALL FitPro’s) Part 1

Program design is one of those really grey areas for most personal trainers. Get a group of 100 of them together in a room and ask them “What’s the best program for fat loss, strength development or muscle building?” and you’ll likely get 100 different answers for each. This is largely based upon the personal […]

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A Kinetic Chain Specialist’s Introduction To The Phrenic Nerve

The phrenic nerve lies at the C3-C5 level with the main innervation occurring at C4. (You can remember this as ‘C3-4-5 Keeps the diaphragm alive’) Its importance to kinetic chain specialists lies in the fact that it is the nerve that innervates the diaphragm and, as such, has a major impact on respiration and all […]

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Dax Moy Interviews Kaisa Tuominen On Hypopressive Technique

Hey There! Tonight I had the pleasure of interviewing Europe’s leading Postnatal fitness coach, Kaisa Tuominen about the amazing Hyopressive technique that she’s been studying and sharing over the last couple of years. If you’re looking for something that REALLY works to fix a whole host of deep inner unit dysfunctions, especially after pregnancy, then […]

Elimination Diet Coach Program

How Does The Elimination Diet Fit In With Being A Kinetic Chain Specialist?  Sunday 10 Feb 2013   — 9am -5:30pm That’s the question you’re probably asking as you read this, right? Well, the answer’s pretty simple and straightforward actually. Whilst the traditional model of the kinetic chain is all about active, passive and neural subsystems, […]

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